Children's Oncology Group (COG) Cell Culture and Xenograft Repository

Requesting Cell-lines

Download Material Transfer Agreements

Open Distribution List MTAs

Please select the appropriate MTA for your requirements from the three downloadable versions below.

Print the MTA form, fill in your request, sign it, and either scan it to PDF format for sending to us (using the upload button on our online cell request form), or fax it to 806-743-2691.

Investigators may request up to 5 cell lines (cumulative overall requests) with minimal project descriptions (to be briefly outlined in Attachment A of the MTA).

Requests between 5 and 15 lines requiring short justification and local review and requests exceeding 15 lines will require a formal application and approval by the appropriate COG committee.

The prioritization of how material is distributed will be determined by the COG Disease Committees and the COG Biology and Translational Research Committee.

Some previously published cell lines, with originating investigator approval, will be characterized by the COG Cell Culture and Xenograft Repository laboratories, and made available through this website.

Questions about the Cell Culture and Xenograft Repository can be directed to us here.

Please contact us if you are requesting cell lines that are not currently on the Open Distribution List.